Tracor W i l l Develop Communications System For I n l a n d W a t e r w a ys

Tracor, Inc.'s Applied Sciences Group has been contracted, on a consulting basis, to perform the engineering development of an automated Inland Waterways Communications System, which will provide automated voice and data communications s e r v i c e s along the Mississippi River and its connecting waterways.

The Austin, Texas, firm will develop the system under a contract from Waterway Communications System, Inc. (WATERCOM), an organization of m a j o r t o w b o at and barge operators which, with support from the Maritime Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has developed the operational requirements for an automated maritime radio communications system.

D e v e l o p m e n t of the system meets a recently proposed rule of the Federal Communications Commission, which r e c o g n i z e s the need for this type of communications system network, and is planning new maritime frequency allocations for this purpose. Dr. William C. Moyer, group vice president of Tracor Applied Sciences, said this effort will be performed in the Electronics Systems Division, Arlington, Va. He explained that Tracor will develop hardware specifications, software design, and prototype models for the inland waterways communications project.

" T h e W A T E R C O M S y s t em should provide every subscriber with voice and data capability identical to that provided by the North American telephone network," Dr. Moyer said.

Robert G. Shuster, division vice president of Electronics Systems, has named James Douglas, director of Applications Engineering, as program manager for the project. Mr. Shuster said the Tracordesigned system will emphasize simplicity in operation, ease of maintenance, and straightforward interconnection with both existing and planned communications equipment.

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