Dahl To Market New Improved Racor Replacement Elements

— Literature Available Dahl Manufacturing, Inc. plans to market new, improved Racor diesel fuel filter/water separator replacement elements in addition to their standard product lines.

Headquartered in Ceres, Calif., Dahl manufactures Dahl Fuel Filter/Water Separators for diesel engines. The units are recognized in the industry for their excellent performance and high quality construction.

Dahl announced that the Racor replacement elements will have the same rigid quality control that is applied to the Dahl filter cartridges. Both Dahl and Racor replacement elements will have special filtration media that is scientifically formualted, and resin impregnated. Less mechanical resistance is achieved by large holes in the metal casing and uniform pore size in the paper media. To assure perfect end seal, high quality non-cracking, non-hardening Buna-N gaskets are used; two and 10 micron elements are available to suit your operating conditions.

The Dahl replacement elements for Racor filter/separators will be sold at the lowest competitive price. Normal shipment in 24 hours from receipt of order. Distributorship as well as dealerships are available. For free literature containing information regarding products, prices or delivery schedules,

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