New Literature Offered On Gems Level Switch For Corrosive Media Use

Literature is available describing a new high-performance, single station level s w i t c h f r om GEMS designed to operate a remote alarm or indicator, or to control pumps or other equipment. Made of all PVC, including wire leads, the switch is ideal for use in chemical applications where there is corrosive media.

Called Model LS-19735, this switch is compact and simple in design. It offers a high degree of versatility in indicating liquid levels in almost any tank or vessel, from very small to very large. The switch is compatible with a variety of acids, fuels and other chemicals. It is easy to install in various mounting methods, and maintenance is virtually unnecessary. GEMS also makes a line of multi-station level switches in PVC.

This simple design incorporates only one moving part, the float. This magnetic float will only respond to the surfaces of the liquid. The output signal is a direct level measurement as opposed to inferred or indirect measurement. For complete literature, write to George Angelovich, Gems Sensors Division, Transamerica Delaval Inc., F a r m i n g t o n , Conn. 06032.

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