APM Offers Literature On Contamination Control In Shipboard Fluid Systems

A new 4 8 - p a g e p u b l i c a t i on which presents a new approach to controlling contamination in shipboard fluid systems is now available from Aircraft Porous Media, Inc., Land and Marine Division (LMD).

Entitled " A PM Filter Technology and Applications Expertise f o r Shipboard Fluid Systems," the brochure was specially prepared f o r marine engineers, equipment manufacturers and contractors; shipbuilders; and shipowners and operators. It contains complete discussions on how contamination can degrade shipboard components; details the need for suitable filter products to prevent component failure; and explains product selection, location and specific applications. Schematics, charts, photographs and scientific illustrations support these discussions. APM/LMD is a- subsidiary of Pall Corporation, an international leader in the design and manufacture of filters and other fluid clarification devices.

For a free copy of APM's new literature, write for publication A-103, Land and Marine Division, Dept. MR, APM, 30 Sea Cliff Avenue, Glen Cove, N.Y. 11542.

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