Anixter Bros. Publishes New Buyers Guide Of Products For Business Communications

Anixter Bros., Inc., Skokie, 111., has published a new telecommunications catalog: "A Buyers Guide of Products for Business Communications." The buyers guide features a full line of business communications products for every facet of industry and commerce that uses telecommunications products for voice, video or data transmission. Products include subscriber equipment, and a complete line of communications wire and cable such as inside/outside telephone wire, plenum, data and station wire and cable.

Anxiter stocks the products of hundreds of leading manufacturers including AT&T's Western Electric, TIE, Comdial, AMP, SAN/ BAR, TRW, Porta Systems, and many others. The company maintains a network of fully stocked computer-linked distribution centers in all major markets in the U.S. and Canada. Anixter also provides services such as repair, refurbishment, pre-assembly and pre-connectorization for a wide range of telephone products.

For a copy of the Buyers Guide,

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